Welcome to my site!

About 20 years old, I started as a budding photographer.  I am a Dutch Acryl-painter, with 60 beautiful years of experiences and exposures in different art markets or exhibitions in the Netherlands. Working in acryl on canvas, I use the rich tones that acryl colors provide to give my paintings a vibrantly strong physical impact. My passion is centered on sundry  themes like sports (specifically cycling), landscapes, flowers, still life, portraiture, sea sights. I also made in the past Silkscreen and etches. I started with oil paint, but now i use only acryl paint, it fits exact by my kind of working with palette knives. Along with my paintings on canvas, I had also produced several postcards with my poetical compositions at the occiput side of the card/s which are really saleable up to this day. Of course, I sold my paintings or any other artworks either by word of mouth or via online. Thus, if you are interested in exploring more about my creative activities and inclinationtions,  just ping me a message, give me call me or send queries thru my email.